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Spiritual Guidance Method

WelcomeDana_Guidance. Life can be a roller coaster ride and we all need some spiritual guidance every now and then to help keep us on track and balanced. My method in spiritual guidance is simple, but powerful. First, I offer deep listening for you to express any personal issues that may be presently challenging for you. As appropriate, I offer you emotional support, insights and prayer. Then I simply work with you to facilitate getting you back on track with your own personal spiritual practice that is in tune with your own faith. It has been my individual experience, and what I’ve witnessed with those I’ve worked with, that it is our own dedicated spiritual practice, if done consistently over time, with enthusiasm and without break, which makes our lives spiritually strong and shine with happiness, well-being and gratitude.

The trick is a steady and consistent spiritual practice. It’s just like going to the gym, if we want strong healthy bodies, we need a daily exercise routine. The same holds true for our spirit, we need a daily spiritual practice to stay strong and balanced spiritually. Personally, I use the various paths of yoga to fulfill my daily spiritual practice. However, as an interfaith minister I work with you within your own precious faith and beliefs to either, discover and establish your own personal daily spiritual practice, or to support and guide you back to your established spiritual practice. Sometimes we simply need some support and inspiration to get back to an established practice that was derailed due to some deep loss or other major challenge in our lives at a time when we might have needed it the most.

Spiritual practices can range from such simple but powerful forms as prayer and meditation to more complex forms of spiritual rituals, selfless service and spiritual study. Ultimately, we want the outcome to be a heart full of, and a mind focused on, peace, joy, love and light. Therefore, to this end, I look forward to supporting and working with you whenever you may wish to contact me.

In the meantime, I would like to recommend a wonderful site called the “Prayer Shrine”. It is worth exploring for inspiration, prayer, healing and well-being. Just click on the following link: www.prayershrine.com. For those of you that might be into yoga and meditation I would also suggest exploring my website called “Painted Prayers For You” at: www.paintedprayers4U.com.

Please see my BIO below. For more information, questions on price structure, and to set up a personal spiritual guidance session, please click here: contact or use the “contact” page on the menu above. I look forward to hearing from you. May you be filled with peace, joy, love and light.

About Rev. Dana Karpain

Dandanaa feels honored to assist people in spiritual counseling sessions and the sacred journey of finding their bliss. He respects all faiths and traditions. Dana listens and works within the guidelines of one’s own faith and spiritual practices. Ultimately, the aim of all spiritual practice is a mind focused on love and light, which leads to a calm mind and a peaceful heart. A calm mind and peaceful heart creates a peaceful body, bringing about a blissful state of being. Dana has studied and practiced yoga and meditation for over thirty years. Dana studied under the yoga master Sri Swami Satchidananda the founder of Yogaville and Integral Yoga®. At Yogaville he was ordained as an Interfaith Integral Yoga Minister. In addition, he was certified as a Yoga and meditation Instructor. Dana has assisted and guided many all over the world on their spiritual journey with Dana’s favorite realm being the here and now. Dana looks forward to traveling here with you whenever you wish to remember and rediscover the profound peace within us all. Breathe deeply and enjoy, Namaste!


  • 25 years’ experience as Ordained Interfaith Integral Yoga Minister – Spiritual counseling and spiritual practice goal setting.
  • 30 years’ experience as Certified Yoga and Meditation Instructor Taught world-wide
  • Resident Services Senior Staff Spiritual Counselor – Organized and lead support groups, individual interfaith counseling and spiritual goals consulting at Spiritual Retreat Center.


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