Peaceful Self Retreats

Personalized Private Retreats

– Restore, Revive, Reconnect!

When you look at your life does it lack the following?

Love     Happiness     Money     Peace 
Productivity    Energy    Health    Joy
Creativity    Purpose    Satisfaction

Wouldn’t it be great to have more  of the above?       We can help!

Peaceful Self Retreats offer you an opportunity to reset your life quickly so you can get it back into balance.  We provide you a focused experience that includes personal one on one support as you get away from it all to focus on the most important person in your life — YOU!

Why you? Because when your life is full of stress, confusion, chaos, hurt, or  lethargy it usually means you are not coming from the core of your Self, that peaceful eye in the center of the storm that can bring light, love, joy, and power to your life and the lives of everyone around you no matter what.

Let us help you reclaim your life and change it for the better through our private personalized retreats!

Our retreats can be designed for individuals, groups, and businesses. Each one is designed specifically according to your needs and lasts one, two, three days or more! Retreats take place in a location you choose such as your home; a hotel, resort, or vacation spot you select, or in Ojai, CA where we reside. In addition to designing your retreat we give you one on one support through Skype or face to face if you are in Ojai.

Currently we have seven general categories of retreats for you to choose from that you can browse.

Go to PEACEFUL SELF RETREATS to learn more!

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