Contemporay Art Design

Contemporary Art Design

Do you sometimes feel that the world we live in today of increasing clutter and confusion, bombards our senses and causes many of us to feel disharmony, stress and disease? If so, the art work of Dana Karpain is intended to vibrate and re-inspire a state of simplicity, elegance, peace and harmony…and remind us once again of our Peaceful Self.

Tropical Contemporary Art Design #1Dana Karpain has named his style Contemporary Art Design which represents his education and influences in contemporary art, graphic design and yoga. The original paintings of acrylic on canvas contain various mediums that add rich textures and allow certain colors to shine and shift in the light. These mediums help create a whole other dimension on his originals but the beautiful essence and design is also captured on his beautiful art prints. His fine art is offered through art galleries, shows and websites such as this one. Both Dana Karpain’s original artwork and art prints can be enjoyed as well as purchased by clicking on the galleries on this website. Please contact Dana Karpain with any customized art work you wish to have created for you.

mugDana Karpain’s art work also easily lends itself for representation and as an enhancement on everyday commercial products (such as clothing, drink ware, household, totes and bags and technology items), all to remind us of the Peaceful Self. Dana’s commercial products that feature his art work, can be purchased by clicking on the coffee mug to the left or by going to “art products” under the ART PRODUCTS menu tab, above.


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